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The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is now accepting applications from former CPD Sworn Members interested in returning to the position of Police Officer. This process, agreed upon with the Fraternal Order of Police and CPD, allows for an expedited re-hire process under certain criteria.
After 3 years on the job, I decided to explore other opportunities. In the end, I missed the camaraderie of CPD. I was able to take advantage of the rehire process and continue where I left off.
— Officer Bennis
If you previously served as a Chicago Police Officer and would like to return as a sworn officer through the rehire process, you must meet the following minimum requirements on the date of re-appointment:
Be less than 50 years old
On the date of re-employment, you must not have reached your 50th birthday.
NOTE: If you are nearing your 50th birthday, please contact us to request priority processing.
Left CPD less than 36 months prior to rehire date
You must complete all processing requirements and be re-appointed within 36 months of separation.
NOTE: If you are concerned about meeting this timeline, please contact us to request priority processing.
Have a valid FOID Card and Illinois Driver License
You must have a valid FOID Card and Illinois Driver License to be rehired. To check the status of your FOID Card, visit https://www.ispfsb.com/Public/FOID.aspx.
Be a Chicago resident
You must be a resident of the City of Chicago and have an Illinois Driver License showing an address within the City on the date of re-appointment.
Have no indebtedness to the City of Chicago
You must not owe any debts to the City of Chicago, such as unpaid parking/red light/speeding tickets or unpaid city utility bills. To search for and pay tickets or boot fees issued to you, or to enter into a payment agreement, visit the City’s Citation Administration page. To check your utility billing account, visit the City’s Utility Billing & Customer Service page.
Left CPD in good standing and meet Illinois standards for appointment as a sworn officer
You must have left your employment with the Chicago Police Department in good standing, have not been de-certified as a law enforcement officer by the State of Illinois, and have an up to date Illinois Law Enforcement licensure.
Additionally, rehires must comply with any existing City of Chicago Hiring requirements in place at time of re-hire, and will be required to complete all pre-employment hiring steps as shown on the Process page, with the exception of the written exam. Upon re-appointment, rehires will report to the academy for an individualized training plan. More information regarding the rehire process is available on the FAQ page.