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Tiffany Mabry
Police Recruiter
I've been a police officer for six years. I have worked my entire career in the 002nd District which covers Hyde Park and Bronzeville. I started my career in patrol. Then I worked in the SDSC room. I was the secretary to the District Commander, and now I work in the recruiting unit . Growing up I never thought that I would become a police officer. I am very happy that I made a decision to try something that was completely out of my comfort zone. I wake up every day with a sense of pride, knowing that I am serving my community and helping others. I really enjoy being a part of the recruitment unit because I believe that being a police officer is the greatest career in the world, and I believe that we can make a difference. I love meeting new people, talking to them and inspiring them to do something that will impact our communities and our city. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, working out, listening to jazz, cooking reading,swimming and broadway.
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