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Nathaniel Myles
I have been a member of the Chicago Police Department for 14 years. I joined the department after receiving an honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps. Upon completing the training academy, I was assigned to the 006th District in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, where I completed my training cycles and later transferred to the 005th District in the Roseland/Pullman Community. During my time there, I had the privilege of working with the Incident and Tactical Teams. After several years, I decided to join the Area South Gun Team. However, I soon realized that it was time to share my knowledge with the newer officers joining the department. For over four years, I had the honor of mentoring, coaching, and training newly minted Probationary Officers. However, a new opportunity presented itself when the Chicago Police Department established a Recruitment Unit to restore its ranks. I was one of the first members to join the unit and currently serve as the Operations Sergeant. It is my privilege to be a part of this effort to strengthen and diversify the department's ranks.
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