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Nadejda Ivanova
Police Recruiter
I have been with the Chicago Police Department for 5 1/2 years. I started my career as a patrol officer and now I am on the Recruitment and Retention Unit. I am a strong, determined, reliable, motivated, and passionate individual who has faced adversity throughout my life and surmounted it, growing stronger for any experience that comes my way. I am fluent in both English and Bulgarian, with excellent service spirit. I am a first-generation daughter of immigrants from Bulgaria, who was the first in my family to graduate from college. I played volleyball at the club, high school, and collegiate level. I also coached club volleyball for ten years, and two years at the high school and collegiate level prior to joining the force. I am currently a head coach at a club called MOD for the boys program. For some time, I've been working with people to change their lives through sports, not only to train them to become athletes, but also to help them develop their lives positively. I love passing on tried and true advice I have picked up along the way to help others with their goals, dreams and desires. I believe that everybody has potential, and if given the right guidance, can unlock the greatness within themselves. Being an athlete, a coach, an immigrant and a police officer I have gained a plethora of life skills and knowledge that I want to pass along to you! Let me be that coach, that mentor, that someone in your corner to help you succeed. Let me be your favorite recruiter, I will help you get there!
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